Divelements Limited

Divelements Limited is a developer of system tools and business software. The current developer portfolio contains 36 programs. The most popular software is SkyDemon with 2 installations on Windows PC.

Best software by Divelements Limited

Professional solution for VFR flight planning and in-flight navigation.
SandDock for Windows Forms
SandDock is a powerful window layout and management engine.
SandDock for WPF
SandDock brings advanced windows management to your applications.

Popular programs by Divelements Limited

SandGrid for Windows Forms
Is a list control capable of displaying data in tabular and hierarchical form.
SandDock for Silverlight
SandDock is software that enables dockable floating windows.
SandRibbon for Windows Forms
This is a user interface designed to mimic the controls seen in Office 2007.
Powerful, easy to use toolbar and menu library for Windows Forms.
Wizard Framework for Windows Forms
Wizard Framework the way to eliminate the headache of creating a robust wizard.

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